Mezzanine floor Jorack Racking System is essentially a raised platform, that allows creating additional floor space from wasted air space, above existing work and storage areas, that may double or even triple the amount of space available.

Mezzanine floor can be used to create extra space for office, storage, production or even retail space.

Features and Specs :
  • Probably the most cost-effective and efficient medium of significantly increasing the floor space and storage capacity.
  • Capacity from 200 kg – 1500 kg per square meter.
  • Supported by steel columns and it is totally independent of the host building.
  • Fully dismantable and relocatable at a later date.
  • Seamless integration within the existing environment.
  • Light weight and economic steel structure.
  • Flexible design option to meet precise customer requirements.
  • Can be provided with goods lift as an option.
  • High quality and powdered-coated accessories are available in a wide choice of colors.
  • Can be provided with good ventilation and fire protection system.
  • Can be easily relocated with minimal disruption.