MDM Coaxial
The MDM Metal Shell Connectors have been tooled in several coaxial layouts and offer the versatility of combining coaxial and signal lines in the same connector. Any modifications to these layouts or new requirements, please consult the factory. Standard coax is RG178 white.

MDM Power
The same insulator that is used with coaxial contacts is available with power contacts. This offers the versatility of combining power and signal lines in the same connector.
MDM Coaxial/Power (MDM CP)
MDM CP that is Power and coaxial contacts can be interchanged as desired. Power contacts are rated at 13 amps, 24V rms, AWG #16 stranded.

Features and Specs

  • Mixed signal package in the same connector.
  • Same LCP dielectric for coax and power contacts.
  • Interchangeability of contacts.