Dock Leveler

For bridging the gap between the dock and the truck / trailer during loading and unloading, the dock levelers / Jodock are designed to move up and down to suit the varied heights of the trailers enabling the MHE to be directly taken in and out of the vehicles. Jodock enhance safety and productivity by voiding double handling of the loads.

Features and Specs

  • Top Platform Ramp is made of checkered plate with strong beams as main support members. Cross bracing by angles and channels connects all he beams to each other and create a composite and high rigid frame.
  • Jodock is a solution for continuous movement between Dock and Vehicle Bed.
  • Dock levelers / Jodock are devices which bridges the gap between the fixed dock height and the variable truck height to provide for the safe and efficient movement of equipment and materials.
  • Capacity 5000 kg / 10000 kg / 15000 kg including vehicle weight.  Double hydraulic cylinders ensures better stability and prevents warping.
  • High performance power pack ensures smooth operations