Jost’s Engineering is committed to provide a variety of services in the field of Industrial Finishing to ensure full customer satisfaction. Right from pre-sales stage, Jost’s takes special care in attending customers specific requirement and offers world class solutions to their problems.
Jost’s after-sales service offers a wide range of flexible services. From preventive maintenance to complete energy audit services. With such a support network, you can rest assured that Josts will offer a solution to your requirement, leaving you to concentrate fully on your core business.


1. Annual & Preventive Maintenance Contract

For all turnkey paint shop installations that require up-to-date upkeep and routine maintenance checks, Jost’s has designed specific and customised AMC programs. These programs handle jobs like routine maintenance checks, calibration checks, onsite / in-house repair jobs etc. AMCs are provided for complete range of products manufactured and sold by Josts or Bullows.

a) Paint Application Equipment / Pre-treatment Plant / Material Handling System / Paint Spray Booth / Paint Curing Oven / Electricals.

  1. We provide Quarterly visit for preventive maintenance and check of equipment performance.
  2. We provide Emergency Visits.
  3. Routine Check parameters would depend on type of equipment and it’s operating specification
  4. such as:
  1. Cleaning of spray gun tip and fluid passage / handling system.
  2. Nozzle cleaning and aligning to required spray area w.r.t component movement in pretreatment line, filtration system operation check.
  3. Water level and alkalinity check of water wash spray booth.
  4. Suction filter air cleaning for fresh air supply system.
  5. Final filter condition check and providing necessary remedial measures for best life of filters.
  6. Checking of solvent exhaust air sample for periodic checking of booth working efficiency.
  7. Checking of flue gas content from burner LDO / HSD oil burning.
  8. Cleaning of heat exchanger & w.r.t. type of fuel used.
  9. General maintenance and visual check of burner functioning.
  10. Change over of glass fiber paint arrestance filter.
  11. Electrical troubleshooting of system operation.

b) Burners

  1. Quarterly routine maintenance of burners is done to improve combustion efficiency and to avoid unscheduled breakdowns.
  2. Ensure safe operation of burners.
  3. Availability of spare parts as and when required.
  4. Furnaces & Oven calibration services

2. Revamping of old paint application system in phased process
Jost’s under takes revamping of old paint application equipment, spray painting booth and turnkey surface pre-treatment and spray painting system and allied material handling solution.

3. Energy Audit for Heat & Combustion: Calibration of Air / Fuel ratio. We Measurement all Combustion parameters  by analysis of the exhaust gas for content  % of  O2, CO2, SOX, and NOX to take care of combustion efficiency monitoring.

4. Flue Gas Analysis: combustion efficiency monitoring by flue gas analysis.

5. On-line Temperature Profiling in ovens and furnaces to improve product quality, along with calibration minimise rejections and optimize the process.

6. Training & Consultancy: Training & Consultancy for painting technology based on the requirement

Josts’ provides service through eight strategically located service centers. Josts’ service centers are equipped with test and measuring instruments.