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Femto Second Laser – Ultrafast fibre laser and fibre amplifier solutions
The Carmel X-series is a range of high power, air-cooled, fibre-based Femto-second lasers with output powers from 0.2 to greater than 2.5 W and pulse widths of less than 90 fs in the industry’s most compact, user-friendly package. The Carmel provides the perfect wavelength source for a wide range of ultrafast laser applications, including bio-imaging, multi-photon microscopy, optical metrology, 3D-microprinting, terahertz imaging and ophthalmology.

The system features a rack mountable controller with a robust armoured cable interface to the compact laser head, which facilitates its incorporation into OEM designs. It is over 100 times smaller than many Ti: sapphire lasers with a similar output power level. A simple key switch interface provides for manual operation with full remote access through computer control. Calmar provides lasers in Compact Fiber-Based Femtosecond Lasers, Fiber Based Femto-second Laser, High Repetition Rate Fiber-Based Pico-second Lasers, High Pulse Energy Fiber Based Femto-second Laser The X-series includes the capability of remote data logging, power monitoring, system diagnostics, and automated adjustment of the second harmonic crystal for prolonged lifetime and OEM service support. The rugged design supports 24/7 operation with an expected lifetime of > 10,000 hours.

For multi-photon microscopy applications, the Carmel provides an ideal ultrafast laser solution for optimum cellular tissue imaging with minimal scatter and reduced risk of photo damage. The compact laser head and associated armoured fibre cable make for straight forward integration into existing microscopes with minimal delivery optics.

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Calmar lasers

Features :

  • The unique fiber optic technology platform enables Calmar to produce highly reliable products with high performance in terms of
  • short pulse width, < 100fs
  • high peak power, in MW
  • compact
  • High power stability (up to 1W), < 90 fs pulse widths, Outstanding beam quality (M2 < 1.2), Exceptional beam pointing stability, All air-cooled, no chiller required, Optional 1550 nm output, Full computer control and data logging capability, Remote system diagnostics, Expected lifetime > 10,000 hours

These products are widely used in a variety of markets and applications, such as

Microelectronics inspection, Material analysis, Materials characterization, Biomedical imaging, Ophthalmology surgery, Micro-Machining, Data/Telecommunications, Optical sampling, Medical diagnostics, Medical therapeutics, Multi-photon microscopy, Precision materials processing Optical network characterization, Materials precision machining, Terahertz radiation/ generation, Seeding Ti:sapphire amplifiers, Multi-photon imaging microscopy, Time resolved spectroscopy, Optical Network Characterization.